Alma Village

Alma is a pretty fishing village along the Bay of Fundy. The local population lives mainly by fishing for lobster and scallops which are served directly in the restaurants of the small village. Summer and winter alike, tourists flock to this beautiful little town to taste excellent seafood or taste the famous “sticky buns” from KELLY'S BAKERY . Enjoy a digestive walk along the beautiful marina or along the small beach bordered by a long pontoon overlooking the port of Alma.


What a treat! Honestly, I recommend this restaurant and order the famous “Lobster roll” with the smoked salmon salad. The salmon is artisanal and smoked with maple syrup. Make sure you keep a spot for their homemade pies for dessert with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream on top! For having discovered this restaurant by the sea with its fresh and generous products, I admit that I do not know if on a next visit we would go to another establishment. Go there with your eyes closed and enjoy all the flavors of the sea in a family setting filled with good humor!




Along the coast 20 minutes from Alma, we discovered a ranch called "BROADLEAF RANCH". Tya, from the top of her past 2 and a half years, rode for the first time on her own like a grown-up! She loved to feed and pat the horses. I highly recommend this activity in this beautiful property! You can also camp there or eat. On the next trip to this region we intend to stop there for a night or two and enjoy horseback riding in the middle of the forest!

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