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"Whoever wants to succeed finds a way. Whoever does not want to do anything finds an excuse"


Flora & Tya, Saint Andrews, NB, Canada

Flora, my professional career

My career in France

As a bilingual communication professional, I spent the last 11 years working for the French military police working with different law enforcement agencies and administrative authorities. In the various positions I held, I provided project management services, events management, communication expertise, general human resources and media relations to support the Regional Commander in the southern part of France, as well as in the Caribbeans.

Working with French high authorities and foreign countries as well made me an efficient advisor for my supervisors. My collaboration with national and international stakeholders allowed me to be a great asset for the French Government for developing our Public relations on behalf of the Gendarmerie Nationale.

My job search in Fredericton

We arrived on August 28, 2019 in Fredericton. I decided to start looking for a job in October as I wanted to manage all the administrative aspects for the future house we wanted to buy and to have the time to settle in our new "home". Being bilingual, I oriented my research towards the provincial Government ( ) and federal Government as well ( /services/jobs/opportunities/government.html ). You will notice that the majority of people will tell you that, if you are bilingual, you may certainly work for the government because services must be provided in the two official languages ​​of the province, which are French and English. I'm not saying that all government officials are, but the government must be able to respond in the language of your choice. So, I applied online and sent in some resumes. I have been contacted for several interviews for administrative positions. Two weeks after I started to look for a job I signed my first employment contract in Canada as a Recruitment Coordinator within the provincial government of New Brunswick!


My first steps in my professional environment

I was impressed by all these cubicles that I had only seen in American movies. I did not know anything about their Human Resources software, policies, payrolls etc.. That was a huge challenge! I had to learn everything from scratch but I did it! Now, almost one year has gone by and I really feel comfortable in my position so... why not set new professional goals ? Dream big, dare to try! Life is all about opportunities...


To conclude, I can say that today I work in human resources. I don't know where my professional ambitions will take me but I am proud of my journey and I hope you can find positive and inspiring thoughts to accomplish great things as well. Do not be afraid of change, on the contrary be inspired by it! Challenge yourself professionally to be even more proud of yourself and also and above all keep your identity, this "French touch" because you will make the difference!

Me, it's Jean-Sebastien, retired from the National Gendarmerie since September 2019 after 32 years of service ”.

My career

After completing 18 months of military service, I started my career at 21 year-old as a "gendarme mobile" (French Government - military police). I had the chance to be sent for missions all around the world and I could discover different cultures and personalities. I just said to myself "what a richness these trips and discoveries!" ". Passionate about motorcycles, I oriented my career as a motorcyclist police officer. I was able to combine passion and work and serve my country. I ended my career as the Manager of a motorized unit in Martinique (French overseas department in the Caribbean) with many memories of a busy career!

My first steps in New Brunswick

My first steps in Canada were my first steps as a retiree! The first months, I kept Tya part time so that she gradually integrates her new environment by going twice a week to her English speaking nanny. The spare time I had was the opportunity for me to discover our new home! Buying our home also allowed me to take the time to settle in and make our little family cocoon. In December 2019 Tya started at Little Geniuses (English daycare - full time). This is when I started to look for a job...

My job search

We are in December 2019 and I am sending my first CVs. Indeed, Career beacon, eregnb (provincial government website), Gcjobs (federal government wesite) ... lots of job offers and 99% English speaking! I still apply even though my English level is basic. No return ... a month, two months, three months pass ... no return and I am starting to seriously question myself! Before coming to Canada I brought that with my 32 years of experience in judicial police, personnel management and administration, administration and management, I was going to find a job in a snap... but I was really wrong! My wife suggested me to go to the Sainte Anne Community Center and I met a human resources consultant from the Francophone South District who was looking for school bus drivers. Here in Fredericton there is a dire shortage of bus drivers. I said to myself, why not! Attractive salary, school holidays, perfect! For information, I had all my driving licenses in France, but the province only gave me the equivalence of car and motorcycle licenses, so I had to retake the school bus license. Unfortunately, it is March 2019... the COVID-19 epidemic is hitting the world! Everything is at a standstill ... We would have to redouble our patience!

Come on... I stay positive and I take advantage of this time with my family in confinement! Although Flora worked from home, we found a good life balance between family activities and work for her. We didn't want Tya to feel the strain on all the restrictions due to COVID.

June 2020, life is gradually resuming its course. Tya returned to the daycare and Flora to the office. I then relaunched the School District for training as a school bus driver. I started the administrative part of my training in Moncton for a week. Second step, the highway code! Verdict? VALIDATED ... Here, all this administrative part is acquired, we are now focusing on the practical part which is 40 hours of driving...

Update on my professional background in NB (October 2020):

- Manager of the after-class program (French Daycare "L'Envolée" - August to Oct 2020)

- Currently "Agent d'Établissement" (Francophone South District - Fredericton Region).



Jean-Sébastien & Tya, Saint Andrews, NB, Canada