Capital of New Brunswick

- Town of residence --


Fredericton is the capital of New Brunswick . New Brunswick has a population of approximatively 777 000 while Fredericton has about 68 000. It is a magnificent city is full of activities of all kinds! Parks, trails, restaurants, breweries, food trucks, skiing, lake, rivers, art galleries, museums ... there is always something to day during all seasons in the heart of downtown or close by. Also, Fredericton is a city with incredible architecture and must see historical monuments . Multiculturalism is very present through the thousand and one flavors you will be able to taste in the various city markets.

This is what we love about our city, combining outdoor and indoor activities for young and old alike. This city has an incredible charm where life is good. The calm, the kindness of the population, the community spirit, the security aspect are the reasons why we love our city so much.

Hope to see you in our lovely Fredericton!

Discover Fredericton in pictures through our adventures!

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Royal Road Outdoor Pool
Wilmot Park
Centre ville - rue Queen
Rue Queen
Wilmot Park
Phare le long du fleuve Saint Jean
Spash pad
Mairie de Fredericton
Killarney Lake
Pont piétonnier Bill Thorpe
PJ Wings - Food Truck
Sunset U pick
Killarney Lake
The Perfect Cup A Cat Café

- Some community initiatives in Fredericton -


The Sainte-Anne Community Center : a French-speaking community is gathered around this center. It is a place to meet and share, but above all it is “the place to flourish in French in the capital region of New Brunswick! ".


Multicultural Association of Fredericton MCAF : This association helps newcomers to settle here in Fredericton by offering them various programs such as language courses, a help to fill out administrative documents, assistance with students for their homework ... More than 40 languages are spoken in this association and many volunteers are ready to help you.


FREDERICTON FOOD-TO-GO : Jeremy Deering created this Facebook group to support local restaurants but not only! He invites all restaurants to publish on this page and encourages the population to post photos to give us ideas of where to go to enjoy delicious meals daily!

And you, what does your Fredericton look like?