- The LOGO -


"How am I going to be easily identified? How do I get New Brunswickers to join me in my community initiative to support our local businesses? Are people are going to support my project to make NB come alive and shine on the international scene? I am going to inspire new immigrants?"

So many questions and no knowledge of drawing or graphics, but ideas!

I wanted to focus on what represents NB to me. The sea and its fishing, but also the magnificent mountains and its pines. Ok, I am starting to draft something! Well, the first drawings are not professional works but the ideas are there! Thank you to my husband who wondered if our two year old daughter did not draw what I did draw..! Ah ah!

A couple of friends from France have been living in the Moncton area since March 2020 with their two children. Michael is a graphic designer by profession and to support my initiative he offered to lend me a hand. That was his way to contribute to a generous and positive approach for New Brunswick, our new home.

After a long conversation on my vision of the logo, on what I wanted to convey through this image, this is the result!

A big thanks to Michael Lagache for his contribution and his professionalism, and it is just the beginning of what I hope will be a long journey all together!


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Meet Michael Lagache

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"Because I am proud to be a New Brunswicker today, I wanted to support this community initiative to reveal our New Brunswick, together ..."

"Passionate about illustration and graphics, I made it my job, first in editing for the material, the object, then the web, for interactivity, storytelling and animation. My background led me to work in different sectors, food, tech, fashion and cosmetics. As digital technology grows, it was unthinkable for me not to be part of this adventure. Design a digital product , beautiful certainly, but does it meet a need? Is it understandable, accessible?

My experience as an artistic director and my design thinking approach make me a complete UX / UI Designer and greedy for new projects ".