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Myth or reality?

In our opinion, Fredericton is predominantly anglophone at 80 or even 90%. If you do not go to French-speaking places such as: the Sainte-Anne Community Center (reception center for new immigrants but also a meeting and sharing place for the French-speaking community) or even French schools or daycares, the city is more English-oriented.

Here in NB, they have at school an immersion program called "French immersion". Kids can learn at a very early age how to speak in French. This program highlight the bilingualism in the province.

Communicate in French on a daily basis in Fredericton

Everyday, I communicate 95% of the time in English. I am bilingual and living in Fredericton is a real pleasure for me to improve my English a little more every day. Jean-Sébastien, my husband, has a basic level in English (basic). For his daily life he found a great new friend! His name ? "GOOGLE TRANSLATE"!


Bilingualism in the rest of the province

The north of the province is mostly francophone and the south anglophone. To give you an idea of ​​the cities, I would say that Moncton is bilingual, Dieppe rather francophone, Saint John anglophone. Bilingualism is therefore very present in the province, especially in terms of the services offered by the provincial and federal governments, where the service must be able to be provided in both official languages.

Learning English

Get a bit of English so you have some basic knowledge for your daily life. You will see that exchanging in English with an English speaker will be very appreciated and vice versa in French. Our little "Frenchi" accent will always have an effect! :)