"Success is a consequence and not a goal"

The excitement was at its height at the descent of the aircraft. After 8 hours of flight we are on the Canadian soil at Montreal International Airport, on the verge of making our Canadian adventure come true.

We landed on Wednesday August 28, 2019 at the Montreal airport. To validate your Permanent Residency (PR) you must go through an immigration office. We had a 1h30 stopover in Montreal. Then we were supposed to fly from Montreal to Fredericton... well.. just a friendly advice, make sure you have a 4 hours connecting flight if you don't want to miss it :) We missed our connection to Fredericton and Air Canada told us that our luggage left without us on the flight we were originally supposed to take. We spent one night without luggages , no clothes, no formula for Tya, not enough diapers ..! What a great start as a PR ...

We took our flight the next day, which was the day of my birthday! We were so happy to finally arrive! Well .. an immigration without little stories to tell, that would not be a real successful immigration! So to continue with our small misadventures we found out that our luggages were still in Montreal and that the information they gave us the day before was wrong.. Pfff, they arrived but 48 hours later ... Better late than never as they say!


We did all our administration paperwork the day after our arrival.

First step : We started with the bank in order to have a proof of address (we stayed at my sister when we arrived).

Second step : We took a mobile phone line, which was a second proof of address.

Third step : After step 1 and 2, we had two supporting documents to do our Canadian administration paperwork. This includes: applying for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to Service Canada, changing your driver's license (Service New Brunswick - SNB) and Medicare (SNB). We received everything within three weeks of our arrival.


We were ready to visit houses and to look for a job!