"Be the change you want to see in this world"

- Gandhi -

We fell in love with Fredericton, NB and developed a "crush" for the city and province as it met what we were looking for. We have found a safe and peaceful living environment and a city oriented around family and well-being. Between hiking and cycling trails, water sports, winter sports, everything is located nearby. The bilingualism of the province also attracted us a lot because in our current world, being bilingual is a considerable asset, whether it is for traveling and sharing or for working.


My sister was the main reason why we embarked on this colossal expatriation project. When I became a mother, I felt this need to get closer to her and her family so that our children could experience the happiness of growing up together. The bonds that unite me with my sister are indescribable. I missed her and I knew that our place was near them and being with family.


We arrived with some savings in our pockets, projects and dreams in our heads, a strong determination to succeed in our expatriation and our 6 suitcases. We traveled light to rebuild everything here and create new memories in this new family life ...