Image by Filip Zrnzević


Think, believe, dream and dare!

I thank my family because without them I would not have experienced this beautiful adventure. Also thanks to those who contribute to our daily happiness.


Thank you, yes you, who is actually reading my few lines. I really hope that you enjoyed reading my pages and that you will stay connected about my personal community initiative. 

Bring to life this beautiful province of New Brunswick through #RevelationNB .


I hope that our trip which has just started will inspire you for an expatriation project, but not only .. For New Brunswickers and Canadians, let's rediscover our New Brunswick! Let us promote the richness of our landscapes and of our local businesses to make NB a MUST-VISIT place in Canada.


Our new home is everyone's pride and success, and thank you for contributing.


"Spread the word, share your NB experience at"

"Passez le mot, partagez votre expérience NB"

Image by Mark Basarab