- Sled Dog Adventures -

Allardville, NB

Date of visit: March 2021

Would you like to have a unique experience? “Sled Dog Adventures” offers dogs sledding adventures for everyone.


The owner, Diane, shows her passion for dogs and the outdoors as she and her dog team take you through the picturesque nature trails. At her kennel, you can even meet the dogs! You can warm up around a crackling campfire, and then embark on a magical ride lead by her obedient dog sled team. The dogs go at such a speed that you can actually hear the snow cracking under the sled. This adventure gives you a feeling of freedom in a wild and beautiful nature.


The dogs are raised in a rich and stimulating environment. Children of all ages will enjoy the opportunity to interact with the dogs. There is nothing better than to share this experience with a person who has such a passion for animals and nature.


After this beautiful walk in the forest, we enjoyed an Acadian dish warmed up on an improvised campfire. There was still time for us to play with the dogs before we had to go. This adventure will definitely remain on our must-do list when planning our next Winter trip!

"The best therapist has fur and four legs"